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Ningbo junfa CNC Equipment Co. Ltd., founded in 2007, is located in NingBo City ,with a total investment of 18 million yuan, covering 100 acres, is a professional production of high-end CNC equipment, high-tech enterprises. Our business concept: "cience leading, Quality First, Customer Supremeparamountcy, Service Superior and Spirit of Pursuing Superiority, Creating Excellence" Advocating environment protection, optimal use of limited resources, strive to develop recycling economy and green industry to benefit people of the world. Appreciate the long support and cooperation from our regular and new customers, we will always supply you with quality products and render our first class service! Welcome people from all over the world for business cooperation!

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  • June 08 2020

    Slant bed CNC lathe and peace bed CNC lathe machine layout comparison

    Slant bed CNC lathe and peace bed CNC lathe machine layout comparison: Flat bed CNC lathe two rails where the plane parallel to the ground plane. Slant bed CNC lathe two rails where the plane intersects the ground plane into a bevel, the angle of 30 °, 45 °, 60 °, 75 ° of the points. Seen from the machine side, flat bed CNC lathe bed was quadrilateral, inclined bed CNC lathe bed was right-angled triangle. Obviously, in the case of the same guide rail width, the X-direction carriage of the inclined bed body is longer than that of the flat bed body. The practical significance applied to the lathe is that more cutter positions can be arranged Slant bed CNC lathe and peace bed CNC lathe Cutting rigidity comparison: Slant bed CNC lathe cross-sectional area than the same size flat bed, that is more resistant to bending and torsion. Slant bed CNC lathe tool is inclined down above the workpiece for cutting, the cutting force and the workpiece gravity direction is basically the same, so the spindle is relatively stable, not easy to cause cutting vibration, and flat bed CNC lathe cutting, the tool and The cutting force generated by the workpiece and the workpiece gravity into 90 °, easily lead to vibration. Slant bed CNC lathe and peace bed CNC lathe machining accuracy comparison: CNC lathe drive screw is a high-precision ball screw, screw and nut drive gap between the small, but not to say that there is no gap, but as long as the gap, when the screw in one direction after the movement of the reverse drive When, will inevitably have a backlash, a backlash will affect the CNC lathe repeat positioning accuracy, thus affecting the machining accuracy. Slant bed CNC lathe layout can directly affect the X-direction ball screw gap, gravity directly acting on the screw axial, so that the transmission of the backlash is almost zero. Flatbed CNC lathe X direction screw axial gravity from the impact of the gap c

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